Available in Powder, Pads, and Ropes

Our 100% Type I Bovine Collagen is tailored to suit diverse wound types with various formats. Easily sprinkle our standard collagen powder into any wound, fold collagen pads into cavities, or utilize rope options for tunneling wounds. No matter the wound you're addressing, TripleHelix offers a format to tackle stagnant, chronic, and hard-to-heal wounds effectively.

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Non-Hydroylzed TripleHelix Collagen vs Hydroylzed Competitors

Nathan Lavalle, CWCMS, National Sales Manager at MPM Medical, highlights the benefits of a non-hydrolyzed collagen in a wet or draining wound.


Success Stories

Hear From Wound Care Nurses

Directions For Use

  • 1 Cleanse the wound site with a gentle cleanser.
  • 2 Apply a ¼” thick layer of TripleHelix Collagen Powder or the appropriate rope or collagen sheet dressing size. Do not pack collagen powder tightly. Collagen sheets and ropes may be trimmed and layered.
  • 3 Cover with ExcelSAP or a non-adherent dressing of your choice.
Repeat daily until the wound is healed.

Complete Your Wound Care Bundle

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