Minimize Maceration and Reduce Dressing Changes

NoTraum Extra is composed of a high absorbent foam pad and gentle adhesive silicone contact layer to maintain a moist wound healing environment with no irritation. This secure and waterproof dressing helps to minimize maceration, reduce dressing changes, and limit post-operative complication risks.

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NoTraum Extra

The Name Speaks for Itself

Beyond its gentle application, this silicone foam dressing offers additional extra advantages. A super absorbent core strategically paired with a silicone and waterproof dressing, this dressing goes the extra mile to minimize maceration and reduce extra dressing changes.

Directions For Use

  • 1 Clean the wound with sterile saline water and dry the surrounding skin gently.
  • 2 Choose the appropriately sized NoTraum Extra Silicone Foam Dressing to cover the wound bed. Do not overlap the margins of the wound bed.
  • 3 Remove the release films to cover the wound according to the size of the wound area. The dressing should overlap the dry surrounding skin by at least 1-2 cm for the smaller wounds and 5 cm for the larger wound surfaces.
  • 4 The frequency of replacement depends on the patient's condition and the exudate. Dressings must be changed at least every 7 days.

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