Biocompatible Meets Tensile Strength

Clinically proven and FDA-cleared, MetaMatrix Antibacterial Surgical Collagen offers versatility with its powder and matrix formats, empowering surgeons to select the ideal option for their incision sites.
Packaged in sterile, ready-to-use packaging, this biocompatible collagen activates effortlessly with saline or wound exudate. With remarkable tensile strength, MetaMatrix can absorb 33 times its weight, ensuring reliable performance in diverse surgical scenarios.

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American-Made & Chemical-Free

Crafted from 100% Type I Bovine Collagen, our meticulous manufacturing process prioritizes integrity and pristine ingredients. The sole addition to our collagen is water, resulting in a non-denatured, non-hydrolyzed, and chemical-free product, ensuring optimal performance.

Easy Application

Ready-to-Use Packaging

MetaMatrix Antibacterial Collagen was designed specifically for surgical procedures. Sterile, ready-to-use vials of MPM Medical's collagen powder offer a simple mechanism for delivering 100% Type I Bovine Collagen. MetaMatrix is bioavailable, meaning it is ready for use by the box - simply activate with sterile water or saline, or the body's exudate within the wound.

Directions For Use

  • 1 Cleanse wound site with gentle cleanser or saline.
  • 2 Apply MetaMatrix Collagen Powder in a layer approximately ¼" thick; do not pack tightly.
  • 3 Cover with non-adherent dressing.
Repeat process as needed.

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